Friday, February 16, 2018

Brett's 3 Favorite Beers for Winter!

Our Marketing Intern at Brick & Ash caught up with our bar manager, Brett, and asked about his three favorite beers on our menu right now for the winter! All of Brett's favorites are from Belgium, inspired by his recent trip to Belgium this past summer with a few members of our beverage team!  

Here is what Brett had to say:

1. Gulden Draak:  This means golden dragon in Dutch! It is a very strong dark beer, containing over 12% alcohol. It is a Belgian quad, meaning it has greater strength and bolder flavors compared to the Dubble and Tripel style Belgian beers. 

2. Bavik Super Pils:  The next beer is a Belgian style Pilsner. It is lower in alcohol content compared to Gulden Draak, at about 5.2%. A fun fact about this beer is it has not been diluted. When brewing the beer they only use aroma hops, causing it to have the yummy strong smell and flavor! 

3.  Wittekerke: Lastely, a Belgian Wit. This beer is smooth and creamy and easy to take back! The flavor is subtle and is very refreshing.  Brett likes this option for when you are looking for a less-heavy beer.

All of these beers are not only Brett’s favorite but are also favorites of many others customers. Join us at Brick & Ash, at both our upstairs and downstairs bars and try these favorite Belgian beers! If you see Brett behind the bar, be sure to ask about his trip to Belgium and share his extensive knowledge of beer!
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