Friday, January 19, 2018

A Touch of Haunted History

During the bustling hours of a busy Saturday Night, you'd probably never guess, but 10 Center Street is recorded as one of the notably 'haunted' locations in Massachusetts!  You're probably thinking - uh, WHAT!?  Let us explain!

Prior to being Brick & Ash, 10 Center Street has past lives as a few other restaurants, including Nix's and it's namesake, 10 Center.  According to an article in The Boston Globe, it was a private residence back in 1790!  It's been a restaurant since the 1970's, however, and since then, employees have had some thrilling and intriguing stories to share!  As mentioned in the Globe's article, past employees have experienced suddenly shattered glasses when nobody was nearby, and unexplained patches of cool air.  When the space's past owners brought in a medium, they encountered a woman's spirit upstairs near the wait station (remember our cocktail named: Lucinda Wallbanger?  Yup.), and another gentleman wearing a top hat in the basement.

So, you are now probably wondering if our current staff has experienced any odd happenings since Brick & Ash moved in!  We'll give you the short answer:  YES!  Want to know some of the thrilling stories from our staff?  Visit our Facebook Page and leave a comment #LucindaWallbanger and stay tuned...

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