Friday, January 12, 2018

5 Ways to Warm up at The Brick!

There is no denying that this New England Winter came in with a BANG.  These well-below freezing temps have been making us feel extra glad we've got all these fireplaces to thaw by!  Then we got to thinkin': we've got all sorts of great ways to warm up at Brick & Ash on these chilly winter days!

1. The Fireplaces  //  we've got six (yep, you read that correctly) working fireplaces on site.  Granted, one of these is on our (almost) all-weather patio.  We highly suggest grabbing a seat near the fireplace during these extra cold nights or enjoy a fire-side game of pool!

2. The Cocktails  //  the perfect way to warm up from the inside - out!  Our beverage team has put together an incredible thoughtful list of cocktails with a little something for absolutely every taste.  We also feature a fantastic list of barrel-aged roaring 1920's cocktail selection that you simply must try!

3. The Smoked Chicken Wings  //  okay, so basically our entire menu is perfect for these chilly winter nights because it is all that delicious southern comfort food you crave during an arctic freeze...but really though - have you tried the Smoked Chicken Wings!? They are fire.

4. The Custom Mugs  //  these mugs were a labor of love (from Poland, no less) and their tin-like material is great for warming your frozen hands when filled with coffee goodness!  Don't know what the heck we're talking about?  Visit our Instagram page for a visual - they are pretty awesome.

5.  The Brick  //  what feels more warm & cozy than gorgeous original exposed brick and wooden beams.  Our beautiful building (from 1811 - woah) just has a natural warmth to it that is simply indescribable.  Maybe it's just the fireplaces, the cocktails, the comfort foods, the custom mugs, and the unparalleled community in this space - but Brick & Ash is a pretty wonderfully warm place to be.

Whatever the reason, we hope you'll join us to warm up this winter!  Remember, we are almost always open during major snow-storms with a limited menu and lots of drinks! ;) 

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