Wednesday, January 31, 2018

3 Tips for Smoking the Perfect Cut of Meat!

We love a good rack of St. Louis Style Ribs (doesn't everyone?) but we've been spoiled here at Brick & Ash with a little secret we like to call: Bertha.  Bertha is our on-site smoker that lives just behind our building and we use her to smoke our meats to perfection!  We can thank Bertha for that amazing smokey smell that fills the air on chilly winter nights and carries into downtown Newburyport!  Bertha can be a hand full - so a round of applause for our culinary team who puts up with her all year round (even in the 7 degree temps!!).  I caught up with Chef Patrick to learn a few of the key tips and tricks to smoking our meat!

1.  First, always go slow!  It's crucial to reach an internal temperature of roughly 200 degrees in order to render down the fat and yield a truly tender cut of meat (also - we leave the meat in there for a LONG time...)

2. A flavorful rub combining chilies, mustard, brown sugar, and an herbal element (such as mexican oregano, thyme or cilantro).  This will give a well rounded flavor profile and the sugar will caramelize and create a bark around the meat which helps to keep the juices in!

3. Always start with a good quality protein like angus beef or artisanal baby back ribs.  No number of tricks will turn a bad cut of meat into good BBQ.

Have you ever smoked meats at home?  Do you have additional tips and tricks for smoking the perfect piece of meat?  Visit us on social media and comment on our latest photo with your tips!
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